From Flights and battles in the Sky to a Peaceful Learning Environment

    Selectaglaze help make an old NAAFI base turned independent school more thermally efficient with the use of its bespoke secondary glazing.

    Yards from where British Hurricanes used to take off during the Battle of Britain, stands Grade II Listed former NAAFI building. The building makes up part of the Kenley Aerodrome, the most complete airfield, associated with the Battle of Britain to have survived.

    Throughout the Second World War the airfield was used as the front line of national defence, and at one stage housed three squadrons, often made up of the survivors of other squadrons that had been reduced by losses in action.

    The airfield was fully operational up until 1978 and was then closed down. The building had fallen into a state of disrepair and became something of an eyesore. Plans were successfully put forward to not only restore and preserve an important part of history, but to refurbish the former NAAFI building for its new chapter as an independent secondary school.

    As the building is Listed and of great historical importance, serious consideration had to be given on how to make it a comfortable and peaceful learning environment for students and teachers. The current primary windows could not be replaced, despite being draughty and allowing noise ingress, therefore Unispace Global consulted Selectaglaze, the specialists in secondary glazing to provide a discreet solution suitable for the Listed building.

    Selectaglaze installed 70 units, using 4 different product types to match the existing primary window styles and sight lines. On the circular windows Selectaglaze used the Series 46 fixed unit, with its discreet slimline frame with neat cover channels that conceal the fixing. All secondary units were finished in white powder coated paint to match the existing frames, making them an unobtrusive adaptation.

    All of Selectaglaze's units are tailor made to ensure the tightest fit and use twin seals to virtually eliminate draughts and reducing heat loss by up to 50%. Secondary glazing can also reduce noise ingress creating a quieter environment and a reduction of 45dB is easily achievable.

    The secondary glazed units are a subtle solution, and from the building's exterior are difficult to notice. Secondary glazing is an independent window fitted to the room side of a building, and as a fully reversible adaptation is accepted by most heritage bodies.

    With fifty years' experience and Royal Warrant holders since 2004, Selectaglaze has extensive experience with working on all building types from Listed hotels to new build offices. Selectaglaze's units are bespoke to the individual needs of the clients, and are prepared off site allows for rapid installation with minimal disruption.

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