Creating a bedroom sanctuary with IQ Furniture

    Calming, soft and cosy are words we all use to describe our ideal bedroom. We are always looking to design our bedrooms into a serene retreat where we can unwind. It is no wonder that with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and hectic schedules that we seek a calming retreat to relax and revitalise.

    When you are designing the interior of a small or large bedroom, traditional or modern, the team at IQ Furniture have put together their top picks to transform bedrooms into a sea of tranquillity.

    Soft tones. The furniture trend is leaning towards soft toned colours, such as pastel tones, to create a relaxing and tranquil bedroom design. Mauve and soft blues combined with subtle grey shades are increasingly popular. Think soothing. To design a soothing coloured and neutral palette, all you need are a few touches of pop colours to bring the design to life. Perhaps a statement light or a bold headboard. Combine these elements with a warm and calming wallpaper, you are sure to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

    Flooring. Hardwood flooring within bedroom designs offers a spacious look and feel, paired with a soft rug and soft furnishings you’re on the path the creating a calming bedroom setting. Again, utilising subtle colours on the floor offers the illusion that the room is larger and brighter. With accessories placed in clusters around the floor this provides various levels of depth within the interior design aesthetic.

    It’s all about the bed. The bed is the main feature within bedroom designs – it is of course called a bedroom for a reason. This is one of the most important rooms within homes as it is where we all spend the majority of our time, as it is recommended that we get 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night. Therefore, the bed should be a bold statement feature within the interior design.

    It is important to choose a bed that not only compliments the surrounding furniture and bedroom accessories but also offers a relaxing feeling. The Groove bed from Studio IQ is a contemporary design that adds a sophisticated design.

    Why can’t every day feel like you are in a luxury hotel? When designing a bedroom, it should always aim to provide the feeling you get on holiday when staying in a luxury hotel. Why not enjoy that feeling every day?

    Think details. It’s all within the details. Pairing a light-coloured luxurious bespoke sliding wardrobe with dark toned furniture creates a dynamic and spacious interior design. Utilising dark tones at different levels offers depth to the room, especially against a white glossy lacquered wardrobe.

    Statement accessories. Accessories are an important feature within bedroom designs, a statement chest of drawers or an incredible painting can completely uplift and transform the aesthetic of the living space. Lighting is also an exceptional way to add an additional element of depth within the interior design as they create focal points within the room while creating a calming atmosphere.

    The latest trends. Furniture and lighting should never be overlooked when choosing the complete design of interiors. Furniture can accentuate the style of a delightful wall paper, wall paint and flooring. It is important to consider all factors and design an overall look and feel that is complimentary to each item within the room. The team at IQ Furniture offer a bespoke styling service to help you choose the best items to meet the requirements of the design.

    Visit IQ Furniture where you can see your choices of furniture within a 3D render of the space you are designing, all to scale. They take the exact measurements of the room and offer a tailored interior design service to help you choose the perfect pieces for the space.

    IQ Furniture are located within Sky House Design Centre in Amersham. To visit their 20,000ft² showroom call 01494 722 800 to book a showroom visit, or email

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