A property is never too old for secondary glazing

    Mr and Mrs Golds live in a 600 year old house in Chiddingstone, which is one of Kent’s oldest and most charming villages. Their home sits on a main country road linking local villages and just a stone’s throw away is a buoyant local pub.

    Even with the Grade II Listing, the previous owners had, replaced the original windows for single glazed crittal units, which looked out of keeping with the rest of the property. Therefore, fifteen years ago, the couple replaced all the windows, with a design and feel more complementary to the originals. Single glazed oak framed leaded lights were installed throughout.

    Although new windows were fitted, they did little to remove the draughts and keep the heat in. Plus with only single glazing acting as a noise barrier, Mr and Mrs Golds would be bothered at closing time, when people were leaving the pub and could always hear the passing traffic.

    Whilst browsing through a copy of The Listed Property Owners Club Magazine, Mr Golds found an article by Selectaglaze about a recent project in a Listed house in Oakham, so they decided to consider secondary glazing for their own home.

    “I was most impressed with the service received throughout the process. Everything was clearly explained and all our queries and concerns answered” said Mr Golds.

    A timber framed house which is this old, has a lot of quirks and irregularities. The floors slope and the window reveals are far from being square and true, which makes a project like this technically arduous. Detailed measurements were taken to instruct the timber shop to produce exacting timber grounds to which the secondary glazing would be installed. The fitting procedure also required good craftsmanship to scribe the timber to fix into the reveals.

    Eight units were manufactured in the slimline Series 10 two and three pane horizontal sliding range. Time was taken to agree on the right colour to ensure the new additions would blend in and accompany the interior décor and the primary windows. At the front of the house, the secondary glazing was finished in a light oak wood grain effect and at the rear of the property in the modern extension, sleek white units were installed.

    “We are very happy with the final products. They really complement the primary oak framed windows – so much so that our friends didn’t even notice them when they visited. We had to point them out! The most noticeable improvement so far has been the reduction in noise – we don’t even notice the traffic now.”

    Well-designed secondary glazing can reduce noise disturbances by up to 45dB and this increases if specialist frames and glass is used. Owing to high performing seals and a tightly installed system, air gaps are reduced which practically eliminates draughts and reduces heat loss.

    Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary glazing; established in 1966 and a Royal Warrant holder since 2004.

    Selectaglaze will be showcasing a variety of secondary glazing products at The Old House Show at the Old Royal Naval College on the 7th and 8th of September.

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