This month, Inex explores four very different projects from across China.

We first travel to central Shanghai where the Jianliju Theatre Company sits hidden down a nondescript side street. The unique space demanded an interior that was the perfect mix of space, movement and ambience. Turn to page 8 to see if the Film Noir-inspired scheme creates the feeling of 1950s Hollywood melodrama that the clients were seeking.

The second project is a far cry from the dark and mysterious theatre project and is instead a bright, colourful and playful children’s clubhouse based in Qinhuangdao. With less than 1000m² worth of space, there was a real need for a clever space-saving scheme to create a wondrous neverland for the children to enjoy. To uncover this bubble-filled space, turn to page 39.

Next on our interior journey through China, we venture to an underground jazz bar a mere 30-minute walk from the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. Turn to page 53 to experience everything this project has to offer.

Finally, on page 69, Inex explores a multifunctional space where concrete, reaction tanks and energy delivery pipes fill the interior, creating a cool and quirky shared office and retail space.

I hope you enjoy this edition. Don’t forget, you can also access all of Inex’s features and product inspiration at your fingertips via the magazine’s state-of-the-art app. To download your version free of charge, simply search ‘Inex-online’ on the App Store or Google play.

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