As we slowly creep towards the long-awaited summer months, here at Inex we can’t wait to go outside into the sunshine and explore everything the outdoor designers of the world have to offer. Unfortunately, travelling far and wide to discover the innovative creations hidden in every corner of the globe isn’t as easy as we’d like, but you’re in luck – this issue, Inex will hop across continents in a flick of a few pages so you can discover some beautiful outdoor designs without having to leave your seat.

First, we travel to the glorious coastline of Normandy to wander around the wondrous and quite frankly, weird and wacky Les Jardins d’Etretat. Inspired by the Impressionist and enthusiastic gardener Claude Monet, the garden was originally created for the famous French Actress Madame Thébault, with the first tree planted in 1903. Monet had determined the general mood of the garden, which has been carefully preserved to this day.

The main terrace of Les Jardins d’Étretat sits on the famous cliff d’Amont. At this unique place, Claude Monet spent many long hours working on his canvases – a series of paintings and sketches based on ‘Les Falaises d’Étretat’. The connoisseurs and lovers of art from across the globe travel here for inspiration. This terrace is a magnet for artists, garden aficionados, nature, architecture and art lovers, as well as the admirers of Claude Monet’s work and successors to the master painter. Turn to page 62 to join the enormous number of creative individuals who have been inspired by this extraordinary example of landscaping.

Next, we journey across the globe to New Mexico to roam around the grounds of The Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden – the home of Origami in the Garden, a collection of over 20 outdoor sculptures that tell the story of the art form. Turn to page 33 to have a mosey around the grounds and discover the art of making something out of nothing.

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