Although interior design is always looking to the future, sometimes it’s just as nice to reminisce about the past, after all design is cyclical. This month Inex travels back to the decorative, sensual and uncompromising era of Art Nouveau.

The Tate defines Art Nouveau as an “international style in architecture and design that emerged in the 1890s and is characterised by sinuous lines and flowing organic shapes based on plant forms”. It’s a dynamic and expressive style characterised by motifs that include delicate tendrils, organic forms, swooping, swirling lines, eccentric geometry and exotic bodies and it oozes glamour.

Walking into Gibson, the hustle and the bustle of the outside world immediately melts away as you’re transported to another era. Once you enter the restaurant inside the Hotel Bijou, you’ll immediately notice how glamorous and opulent it feels. But if you take the time to look a little closer at all the details – specifically the mural on the ceiling – you’ll see cherubs donning tattoos and Calvin Klein briefs, showing that design can be humorous without taking away from the allure. To explore this 1920s revival with a twist, turn to page 09.

Not wanting to stay in the past too long, on page 18 Rob Kendal, Managing Director at Yulio Technologies, explains why designers should consider using virtual reality technology. He believes marketing has really done VR a disservice with images of complicated and cumbersome headsets that immerse a person in an alternate environment for hours on end and wants to show that fast VR is so much more than that.

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