Upcycling has long been a term batted around the interior world. By definition it means to reuse a discarded object or material in such a way as to create a product that is once again useful and often visually stunning. Taking something old, broken and useless and turning it into something extraordinary is, I’m sure you’ll agree, a charming notion. So imagine how satisfying creating a whole interior from just recycled products would be.

That’s exactly what one design studio in Japan did. Kengo Kuma and Associates took this enchanting idea to new heights when it decided to use discarded cables to decorate the whole interior of a bar and old bicycle pieces to transform the exterior. Turn to page 64 to step into the vivid and wondrous world of Tetchan Yakitori.

Elsewhere in this issue, Inex leaves the vibrant and colourful backstreets of Japan to explore the peaceful tree tops of the Château de Raray with Atelier LAVIT. On page 39, we uncover a tree house hidden high among the branches of an old oak tree that has been inspired by a bird’s nest, and on page 50 we discover how one restaurant in Downtown LA made ceilings and acoustic design an eye-catching feature.

Sticking to the theme of upcycling, here at Inex we’re excited to announce that we’ve had a little bit of a transformation ourselves! Next month’s copy will see a few changes style-wise, as well as the addition of our new regular feature Desired Designs, which will showcase a selection accessories; each issue will help add some flair to any interior. We’ll also be unveiling our brand-new website in March, which we think is pretty special! We hope you love the changes as much as we do!

I hope you enjoy this edition. Don’t forget, you can also access all of Inex’s features and product inspiration at your fingertips via the magazine’s state-of-the-art app. To download your version free of charge, simply search ‘Inexonline’ on the App Store or Google play.

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