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Boutique bedrooms

    The luxury furniture emporium based in East London, Casa Botelho has launched its newest concept that aims to create a unique, seamless style for interior spaces.

    Casa Botelho’s Boutique Home Concept brings together its signature Art Deco-inspired, masculine glamour aesthetic with key pieces from its emporium to create a luxurious, sensual space that will infuse excitement and romance back into an interior. With everything from bedside tables, headboards to chest of drawers, the Boutique Hotel Concept is a one-stop shopping experience with everything you need to deck out your space.

    Casa Botelho believes that the luxuries of hotel accommodation should not just be reserved for holidays or special occasions; it should be an environment and a feeling that can be relished every day of the week, in your own home. With the Boutique Hotel Concept, shoppers will be able to style their interior space, mixing and matching furniture pieces and fabrics to create one harmonious aesthetic.

    This seamless shopping experience is an evolutionary idea in the world of interiors and Casa Botelho is leading the way. Doting the brand’s signature Art Deco-inspired, masculine glamour, Casa Botelho’s Boutique Hotel Concept conveys opulence, evokes sophistication and oozes passion.

    Particular pieces within Casa Botelho’s Boutique Hotel Concept include various designs from the Cupid Collection, such as the Credenza, Chest of Drawers, Chaise Lounge, Bed and Headboard.

    As the Roman God of desire, love and affection, Cupid possesses qualities of masculinity, seduction and romance. Composed of high-quality walnut, the Cupid designs have a robust, strong and durable form with a fierce aesthetic. Sensual fabrics such as Nova-Suede and leather are elegantly paired with curvaceous, architectural structures and luxurious bronze trim accents. All pieces within the Boutique Hotel Concept can be completely customised to desired sizing specifications.

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