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Reinventing the sauna for the modern world

    The WelPod is an immersive and multi-sensory room designed to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. It is a modern reinvention of the sauna with many new layers of functionality and purpose. Expanding beyond the qualities of a typical sauna, the WelPod is designed for meditation, hot yoga, stretching, deep relaxation and rehabilitation.

    The WelPod


    Interior – Tofino BC
    Exterior – Vancouver, BC

    Designers/Project Managers/Contractors:

    Circle Wellness Studios


    Darcy Turenne, Martin Knowles, Paul Hennessey

    Dimensions: 10x10"

    The WelPod provides undistracted sensory experiences courtesy of pre-programmed heat, sound, light and airflow, allowing users to sequence events in the room based on a particular mood, activity or desired outcome. A user-friendly touch switch allows users to create on-the-fly adjustments as desired as well.

    The driving force behind the WelPod’s soothing environment lies in the innovative selection and use of natural, therapeutic materials in its construction. Glowing salt brick walls enclose a clean, open space while infusing a plethora of therapeutic benefits. In addition to storing heat and increasing efficiency, unrefined salt cleans the air, relieves skin problems, cleanses the respiratory system and emits negative ions, which elevates mood. A custom-built rail system is used to mount the salt bricks without adhesive or mortar, allowing for easy maintenance and dismantling.

    Unlike a typical sauna, the WelPod requires no preheating and remains warm at all times. This is possible because of the efficient building envelope, interior salt brick walls that act as a thermal mass, and the intelligent control system. The energy-efficient design consumes considerably less power than a traditional sauna, swimming pool or hot tub. Additionally, the natural radiant heat emanating from the salt walls provides the most natural path to elevating body temperature. In addition to its heating benefits, the natural salt composition of the walls contributes to easy maintenance by neutralising odours and cleaning the air with its antifungal and antibacterial qualities.

    The WelPod is available as a stand-alone structure that can be placed into any outdoor setting, or as an interior room that can be built into any floorplan.

    About Circle Wellness Studios

    In an age where technology and multiple communication platforms fragment attention spans, Circle Wellness Studios seeks to design safe havens from outward disconnection, while enticing users to reconnect, reset and refocus their energy inward.

    Circle Wellness specialises in creating extraordinary sanctuaries for the modern and fast-paced world.

    Its innovative designs combine therapeutic concepts, natural materials, advanced architectural techniques and emerging technologies.

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