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Art Deco inspiration

    Here Liam O’Donnell, Director of Valdivian Furniture, a British furniture manufacturer that specialises in bespoke, hand-crafted contract furniture, explains how to keep up with the daring and dramatic Art Deco interior trend.

    Adding drama to interiors is an ever-popular theme and what better way to achieve a luxurious and sensational space than drawing inspiration from Art Deco trends. Forget basic minimalism, neutral tones and boring shapes – 2018 has seen the reintroduction of unusual, quirky and exciting interiors that embellish rooms with pops of colour, striking contrasts and luxurious fabrics. If you’re brave enough to step things up and explore a range of eye-catching materials, textures and furniture pieces, then Art Deco can offer modern, daring and dramatic interior designs. From golden metals to geometric lighting and iconic art pieces, here are some top Art Deco trends to get any space looking spectacular.

    Don’t be afraid to shine

    The Art Deco interior trend is all about adding a touch of radiance – lighting fixtures with bright polished metals, mirrored accents and walls, polished wood finishes and glossy paint and glass tops. In particular, opt for striking centrepiece coffee tables in polished bright golds and sophisticated silvers. This will draw attention to the centre of the space and add a unique elegance to a room. If you want to take the shine even further, perhaps consider embellishing a singular wall with geometric mirrors – this creating drama to wow guests and epitomising 1920s Art Deco style.

    Bold lighting

    Lighting should no longer be considered as an afterthought, but rather an opportunity to bring a touch of artistic flare to a room. Rather than opting for simple spotlighting, dare to be different and choose an extravagant chandelier that catches the eye of everybody that walks into the room. To really capture the theme, opt for a polished bronze light, beautiful patterns and sculpted designs. Geometric patterns and structured framed designs and hanging bulbs are all great ways to bring Art Deco to the ceiling, ensuring every aspect of the space flows seamlessly.


    Historic Art Deco designs are all about intricate details and artistic expression. A table is not just a wooden block but rather a delicately sculpted and carefully thought-out design with curved legs and sophisticated polishing. A mirror is not just a modern square, but a carefully embellished circular design with an intricate border design. Even fabrics go above and beyond and you can utilise unusual and quirky patterns that clash and yet complement the wider interiors whilst adding exciting texture to the space. So don’t be boring when it comes to an Art Deco hospitality space – strive to involve elaborate detail in each element of design.

    Striking colour

    Another way to make your space truly stand out is to opt for bold colours, even when combining these with more neutral tones. Large patterned rugs, bright wall colours and block-coloured sofas can be the perfect way to make a room pop whilst creating new dimensions to the establishment. You can also use bright colours on centrepiece walls by employing geometric wall papers or electric paints.

    Go big with art

    You can’t have an Art Deco space without art, so don’t leave the walls bare and opt for an extravagant art piece to truly achieve an Art Deco ambience. Contemporary art can offer a great contrast to more traditional Art Deco spaces and bigger pieces are particularly striking. Geometric canvases can also make a space stand out and will complement other geometric patterns incorporated into the space.

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