AJ Products is standing up for a healthy workplace

    AJ Products UK in collaboration with Great British Business and The Telegraph have created this short film to promote a healthy workplace environment.

    David English, managing director of AJ Products UK, on how well-designed office furniture should help make workplaces safer and healthier for employees.

    Sedentary lifestyles and in particular long hours spent sitting down at work have been held partly responsible for a rise in heart disease and type two diabetes, while back and neck pain are one of the leading causes of absenteeism, accounting for nearly a quarter of all sick days taken in the UK.

    Unsurprisingly, “active working” is increasingly seen as a route to employee well-being, but the reality is not every company is set up to allow its employees to roam across the office throughout the day.

    Find out more: telegraph.co.uk/business/great-british-business/aj-products-uk

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